ALERT: Russia Has Shot Down 4 US Military Aircrafts!? As Moscow Heads to...

This information IS NOT CONFIRMED! Any Help in Confirming this would be greatly appreciated!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is a private message from an active-duty U.S. Army Special 
Forces trooper. As of 17:00 hours (/Central Daylight Time - Ed/.) 3/20 
there is no independent confirmation:

In the last day, or two, four U.S. Military aircraft have been shot down 
by Russia. There are American K.I.A.'s (unknown number) , W.I.A. , and 
P.O.W. numbers (if any) are unknown, as well.

He ends his rather cryptic report by saying the war has started.

Hopefully, on one hand, I hope this report will prove to be a matter of 
fiction. On the other, I trust my private source enough to want to get 
this raw, unverified, intelligence out.

May God save us.


John Moore


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